Sunday, 6 March 2011

This Guy is my Hero

Just wanted to share with you the exploits of an amazing guy.  I first started reading Jim Catheys pseudo-blogs about his various cars back at Langara college in the library.  While I was supposed to be studying or whatever. I read two posts and just could not stop. Particularly interesting are the Ebola Fishtank sedan and the 1972 200D, the Frankenheap.  Just love it.

Enjoy!  Hours of entertainment await you.

Follow the Leader

I was talking to my MLA the other day about the Northern Gateway project, and she indicated that she was still on the fence about whether to support it or not.  She mentioned that we have offshore oil and gas development on the east coast, and that we should have a consistent national policy on this.

A couple of thoughts:

1) we probably cant un-develop what has happened on the east coast already. But we can prevent development that has not yet happened.

2) Just because Newfoundland is doing something does not mean we should all do it.  What if Newfoundland wanted to jump off a cliff...

Link for Bill C-606

Just wanted to post a link to the page for a petition supporting Bill C-606.  This is a private member's bill which restricts tanker traffic on the north coast.   Read up on it; it bans crude oil tanker traffic in Queen Charlotte Sound, The Dixon Entrance, and Hecate Strait.  This is important because it would mean that the supertankers slated to bring oil from the Northern Gateway Pipeline that Enbridge wants to build to Kitimat from the Oil Sands canèt actually get to Kitimat, effectively ending the project before it can get started.

Realistically, this thing isn't going to pass in the legislature, but we can all give it some street cred on it's way in by signing it.  It's a lot harder to ignore something if it's got a lot of signatures on it.  Even if it does pass in the legislature, it will probably get killed in the senate, just like the climate change accountability act.  What a piece of dirty business that was!

Pass this on!  The more people we can cram on it the better.  Find new ways to get it exposed, email it around.  Even people from other provinces can sign it. Talk to your MP, tell him or her what you think about this thing. Talk to your MLA too, the provincial government has as big a stake in the future of our coast or bigger than the feds anyway.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Market Can't be Trusted to Run Everything

It's easy for us all to say things like, "The market is the best way to deal with climate change." But maybe there are some things we shouldn't put the raw, naked economy in charge of.  What if, hypothetically, we let the market make the call about whether or not to allow slavery?  Would that be a good idea? Well, we tried that, and we wound up with a bunch of people enslaved.  Slavery made excellent economic sense.  Labour prices were low, margins got nice and wide, and tobacco, sugar, cotton, and other crops were cheap and widely available.  There was a cost, however, that became so unpalatable that the practice was dropped.  There are costs to the unchecked use of fossil fuels as well, but they just haven't become distasteful enough to create change.  The market cannot make moral decisions.  We must decide what the market gets to play with.